Issue June-8
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The iPad Controversy


Rishi Sunak has insulted the memory of my forebears.


Europe wants its own nuclear deterrent?


Holland experiences hard right shift.
Ban the Koran?


German company encourages Prizetrip cheating


Incident in Ismailia
Near death!


Russia and China in the Space Race

Chinese media has called China's future lunar base with Russia a "perfect match" after Moscow approved the plan this week to take their "no-limits" partnership to the moon.


War: real threat or real BS?


Trump or Biden - does age matter?


Farmers Plead for Universal Basic Income.


Germany leaving the EU. Is Dexit a real possibilty?

dBase still unbeatable

Still the best developer platform for windows and web apps going!
Have your first app including database definition ready and working in under a half an hour.


'Unreal' - The best Premier League comeback win in 20 years.


No stopping Bournemouth

3:0 against Manu


Bournemouth beat their own Premier League record


New publishing Software

Last week was devoted to designing, writing and implementing our new "publish" software package.


How much do we trust the press?



DeepL kept the sense. Google translate came out like a workshop manual for a gynaecologist.


Terrible First Show


How to publish an Apple e-book


Airbus loses windows


Nikon's retro looking Z-FC. Is it worth it?


WhatsApp feature that will no longer be free


UK defence minister warns Zelensky ‘we’re not Amazon’ for weapons


HSBC Gen-Z Crash?


Henry Kissinger - Genius Diplomat?

Genius diplomat or sinister politician?


Russian troops beat Commander to Death


Lies, Damned Lies and Too Many Transgender


Daniel Hannan does the usual NHS Bashing in his Telegraph column.
Easy as a Lord sitting in a swiss Ski resort.


Niagara Bridge Explosion Kills 2


The Wessex Wyvern


Amazing fossil found at Kimmeridge on the Jurassic coast

The skull of a colossal sea monster has been extracted from cliffs near the village of Kimmeridge on Dorset's Jurassic Coast.


Kingdom of Wessex Timeline

A simple overview of the reigns and dates of our ancestral Kings and Queens.


When do write number words?


To mow or not to mow?


Do you remember Hurricane Katrina?


200 Year old Westpoint Time Capsule opened


The Stones get Angry


What you didn't know that you do know


Hitting the snooze button may do more harm than you think


Whisky Tango Hotel

Where The Hell
did the Nato Alphabet come from

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