Issue December-5
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Kingdom of Wessex Timeline

A simple overview of the reigns and dates of our ancestral Kings and Queens.


History of Wessex

No WessexMDS media platform could be complete without a section devoted to Dorset. Once called the Pearl of England. Here you will find mainly trivialities around the county.


Don Juan in Hell - George Bernard Shaw

This is a wonderful play (part of Man and Superman) by George Bernard Shaw. If you look for the text on the web there are a mass of scammers trying to get money out of you for the text. Fell free just to read or copy mine


The Stones get Angry

The Rolling Stones have released a new album "Hackney Diamonds". Some say the best release in 40 years


Last Night not in the Park in 2023

Coming soon we plan an abbreviated history of the Kingdom of Wessex. Not too many dates and names to remember.

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