Issue November-26
WhatsApp feature that will cost money in future.

This WhatsApp function will no longer be free

If you want to back up your WhatsApp content, you need a cloud service. This backup service is free for Android users - but that will soon be coming to an end. At least for those who need a lot of gigabytes: Google and WhatsApp are limiting the backup storage space on Google Drive!

In future, saved chats will count towards the personal storage quota on Google Drive. This means: If the cloud is full, you have to pay extra!

The change will initially apply to beta users from December. It will then be rolled out to all other Android users in the first half of 2024.

New rules for WhatsApp backups for Android

If the chat backup cloud is full in the future, there are two options. Either you can delete old data or you can book extra storage space with Google. The first 15 gigabytes remain free with Google Drive. However, if you also use Gmail, Google Photos or Google Drive with your account, you will use up these 15 GB more quickly.

To unlock a further 100 gigabytes, users pay 1.99 euros per month. However, those who pay annually will receive a small volume discount. According to the notification, Android users will be warned 30 days before the change in WhatsApp. The message is displayed under "Settings" - "Chats and chat backup".

iPhone users are already familiar with the new feature The change to WhatsApp is nothing new for iOS users: backups are already uploaded to the iCloud on the iPhone. If you need more than 5 GB, you will also have to pay extra. 50 GB costs 0.99 euros per month. For 200 GB, the cost is 2.99 euros per month.

However, there is one small change for Apple users: with the WhatsApp update 23.24.70, they can enter their email address in the settings.

Background: If you want to log in to WhatsApp on a new device, you have to receive a six-digit code. Previously, this was only possible via SMS. In future, the code can also be received by email.

The prices here are shown in Euros but users can probably expect the save value, different currency symbol in the UK


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