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and it is amazing

According to Neil McCormick, music editor of the Daily Telegraph, Angry is The Rolling Stones’ best single in 40 years.

Further he wrote: The first taste of the Stones' long-awaited album Hackney Diamonds is an absolute blast.

We listened to it, or at least the official video trailer, and it certainly takes you back almost to the roots of the band who formed first in 1962.

Also on the album are top notch guests, Paul McCartney who plays a bass solo, and also Stevie Wonder and Elton John on piano. On one track Bill Wyman has returned on bass.

Unfortunately Charlie Watts died not long ago but two of the tracks were made while he was still alive. At the presentation were the three survivors, Jagger, Woods and Richards.

Evidently the album was recorded in a series of short, sessions in Jamaica, New York and Los Angeles between Christmas 2022 and February 2023.

“When the singer wants to make a record, you’ve got to go,” said Richards.

Ronnie Wood  is quoted as saying that they had recorded enough for two albums. There’s 12 songs on Hackney Diamonds and 11 more waiting to be released.

When you watch the trailer you will certainly notice that there has been a load of video post-processing to make the stones look younger. Some faces have no wrinkles at all.

On the other hand you might just be entralled by actress Sydney Sweeney riding in an open top car through Los Angeles, beneath billboards of the Stones down the ages that spring to life as if they are performing the song. Classic retro images and brilliant video editting.

But does the video matter? Video killed the radio star sang the Buggles. Just listen to the music instead of watching the video and you will appreciate the old stones again.


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London 19. July 2023



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