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Will Europe have its own nuclear bombs?

Katarina Berley is one of the main contenders in upcoming EU parliamentary elections. She is a member of the German Chancellor's SPD party.

According to her, the European Union might need its own nuclear deterrent because it can no longer rely on Nato support if Donald Trump gets re-elected as US President.

In recent statements Trump was reported to have stated he would even encourage Tussia to attack Nato countries that were not paying their share of the defence budget which stands at 2% of GDP.

The German newspaper "Tagesspiegel" reports that in an interview that Ms Barley said: "The nuclear deterrent for Europe lies with Nato. As Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg rightly noted, it remains in the Americans' interest to provide this significantly. "Given Donald Trumps recent statements, this can no longer be relied upon. This could also become an issue on the way to a European army."

Under what is known as the nuclear umbrella, the US provides deterrence and protection for Nato countries in return for them not pursuing their own nuclear weapons programmes.

World-wide there are nine countries who posses nuclear weapons. Russia, Pakistan, Israel, China, India, the US, and North Korea and at present only France and the United Kingdom have nuclear weapons in Europe so it would seem that Ms. Barley doesn't believe we would protect the them either.

Or is there more to it?

Is this just another way of getting the bomb and its trigger to Germany?

God forbid. My ancestors will be spinning at lightening speed in their graves at the thought of twice times agressor Germany with its tendency towards "Lebensraum" having such wartime power.

We always have to remember that Germany has litlle to no natural resources so to stay a big power they might just one day decide to expand.

Of course with nuclear weapons how would one stop them?

In a Telegraph report it seems too that her remarks are being dicussed seriously in the country. -pw- London

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