Issue November-26
Once again the telegraph article by Paul Sullivan praising everything german is proved to be devoid of objectivity. How anyone who claims to have lived in the country for 15 years can  be so oblivious to the true state of the country is beyond belief.Peter Conradi wrote in his article that there were grave failures in the running of Germany's train system.He wrote that Germans have always been proud of their efficiency and punctuality, but their chaotic rail network has not lived up to this for a long time
Now in 2023 it has turned into a national embarrassment.He reports that Stanislav Aseyev, who is a Ukrainian journalist, tweeted that more than 100 people had to sleep rough when their train from Copenhagen to Hamburg stopped at the German border late at night. All the Deutsche Bahn managed to do was shuttle the elderly and women and children with busses across the borderAseyev stated  that Even when he took his mother out of Kyiv on the day of the Russian invasion he returned next day and the Ukrainian train arrived on time, even though they were surrounded by smoke and fire.From the outset the timetable for the wednesday morning train from Hamburg to Switzerland was showing expected delays. By lunchtime in Frankfurt, the names of all seven stops beyond A ticket inspector explainde that the Swiss won’t let it go any further than Basel because we would upset their entire scheduleThe Swiss have recently started stopping trains that are running late at the city’s second station, Basel Bad, north of the Rhine , forcing passengers to complete the last miles into the city  on board a replacement buses. In our carriage he wrote Basel was crossed out in red on the screen.People cannot believe the inability of the Deutsche Bahn to make trains run on time. This is a suprise to those fooled by stereotypes of German superiority.In Germany there are a myriad of websites devoted to zugwitze (train jokes). In one, a ticket inspector asks a woman why she doesn’t have a ticket for her young child. "I was still pregnant when I started waiting for the train," was her reply.London 14. August 2023


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